Bernina Quilt Frame with Bernina Sewing Machine

Sewing Machine Repairs for all brands

Our sewing machine repair service includes cleaning and oiling the internal parts, adjusting the tensions and checking the sewing machine timing.

Keep your sewing machine running well - service it regularly!

When your sewing machine quits in the middle of something important and you need a quick fix, our quick service option helps get you going quickly.

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Cleaning Sewing Machine

We remove the covers and clean the insides of your sewing machine. After the covers are removed it is safe to use compressed air to remove lint.

Do not compressed or canned air when the covers are on the sewing machine. You might force lint deeper into the machine!

If you want to clean your sewing machine at home please use a brush or a vacuum to remove lint.

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Oiling Sewing Machine

After your sewing machine is nice and clean on the inside, it is time to lubricate the internal sewing machine parts.

Over time your sewing machine lubricant will dry out. We recommend servicing your sewing machine at least once a year. A well lubricated sewing machine runs smoother, stitches better and lasts longer.

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Sewing Machine Serviced

After your sewing machine is cleaned and lubricated we adjust the tensions and replace the covers. Test sewing is an important part of our sewing machine service procedure.